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STEAM Programs for Kids in Grades K-8

Empower children’s Learning through play

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Our interdisciplinary curriculum supports children’s overall development and learning from social-emotional and cognitive skills to technical skills, soft skills, and 21 century skills.

Interest-Driven Leaning

Our play-based programs encourage children to solve real-world problems and tasks, allow them to deepen their natural curiosity and their eagerness to want to discover and learn more.

Maker Mindset

We embrace maker mindset in the classroom and provide opportunities for children to turn from technology consumers into creators, developers, and innovators.

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Primary (Grades K-3)

Junior (grades 3-6)

Senior (Grades 5-8)

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Leaning though play.


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Technical Skills


Problem-Solving Skills


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What Parents Say

"My kid is a Lego fan. He came to play Lego, but turned out with an incredible amount of confidence and capability."

May M.

"My child had so much fun in the classes and learned a lot of things that they don’t teach at school. He became more interested in science and computing, and more confident while presenting his ideas."

Jim L.